Coming with a science and engineering background, Ted Jensen joined the company in 2012 and now leads up STEM initiatives and Special School programmes, bringing his background and his abilities to communicate with and engage with audiences of all ages and abilities to inspiring and innovative programmes in schools and businesses across Northern Ireland.

Ted brings a great wealth of experience to eye4education. His science and engineering educational background is quite diverse having attained a BSc degree in Electrical Engineering at MIT, an MSc degree in Systems Management at USC and an MSc degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Princeton University.
Following on his educational background, his work background is just as diverse including flying helicopters in the US Navy, running the e-business programme at FG Wilson (in Larne) and researching aircraft aerodynamics, as well as being self-employed with a property development business and a cookie business. He brings this experience into the programmes he runs in an enjoyable, humorous and engaging way.

For further information and or advice please contact Ted at:

Tel: 07834 884 454